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First things first, I am a Canon girl, through and through! I started with Canon back in college and haven’t looked back. I consider myself a natural light photographer, and I strive to combine that light with my camera to create images that are happy, bright, and creative. Now : Here’s the Kicker: My goal is to make each session unique to the person I am working with. I always want to make sure we’re having fun, and being creative together. I welcome my clients to bring their own ideas to the table, we can try anything! I aim to perfectly blend both the candid, natural and fun shots with the carefully posed shots in every session.

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photo credit from: Elizabeth Ladean Photography

With portrait sessions of all kinds, I love love loveee the use of props! I get super excited when a client shows up with something original and asks if we can incorporate it into their photos. I’m constantly scouring antique stores, shops and everywhere in between for unique things, big and small. A lot of items I come across make me ponder the question of, “Could I put a baby in that?”. I have favorite spots in and around Kansas City, but I’m always up for exploring new areas! We’ll work together on this, and make sure we shoot in a location that matches your style. I want you to have fun with me at portrait sessions, and walk away feeling excited to see the finished images!

Photo credit from: Photobooth Idea, Wedding Photo, and more!

With weddings, I feel that day is one of the most important days of your life. For that reason, I hope to be more than just a vendor who shows up and follows you around with a camera. I aim to get to know my bride and groom – during our initial meeting, during your engagement photos, and then throughout the timeline-planning process for your wedding photography. I love bouncing ideas off of each other, talking details, colors, and decorations. Those chats inspire me! When it comes to the photography, we’re going to have that time where we work together to get the envisioned shots we both have. But once the show starts, my goal is to capture all those special details, and the true and intimate moments in the most unobtrusive way. After those “I Do’s”, I want to deliver images to you that will always take you right back to those special moments.


Photo credit from: Ladean Photography




After each portrait session or wedding, I look closely at every image individually and take personal care and creativity with them. My work is not outsourced, all editing is done by me. I thoroughly enjoy this aspect of photography – all that happens after the images are taken, and I truly view each image as something special and unique. I am not a “shoot & burn” photographer, your images are burned to a disc only when I am completely certain that they are everything they’re supposed to be. Ultimately, I believe that photography is more than just you being in front of my camera – it’s about us getting to know each other, talking and laughing, finding common ground and building a relationship. I truly love meeting new people and learning about their story. I’d love to meet you, and learn yours!.




Source: Elizabeth Ladean Photography


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