Holiday Outfit Guide-

Holiday Event Outfit Guide

Don’t know what to wear to your next holiday event? We’ve got you covered! Here are some inspiration for fab outfits to wear to them!

  • Sheath Yourself In Pastel

Holiday Outfit Guide-
Photo credit from: IT’S ALL ABOUT… …Pastel Pink.

Pastels are typically spring colors, but this Parisian blogger and stylist isn’t opposed to wearing them in the winter. And, neither are we.

  • Try Winter White On For Size

Holiday Outfit Guide-

If you’re going ice skating this season, but have yet to find the perfect outfit to hit the rink in, Shini Park has you covered. Her white flared midi skirt and burgundy turtleneck offer plenty of twirl without drawing any figure-skater comparisons.

  • Keep It Faux

Holiday Outfit Guide-

ASOS stylist Isabella Thordsen embraces her black-and-white wardrobe with fervor. By contrasting textures and materials, she makes her outfits pop — even without the flagrant use of color. Minimalists take note.

  • Choose Your Backdrop Wisely

Holiday Outfit Guide-
Photo credit from: Geometry on the run

WeWoreWhat founder Danielle Bernstein is a master of #OOTDs. In addition to an endless array of perfect outfits she’s got a knack for choosing backgrounds that serve to further enhance her wares. Impressive.

  • Sock It To Me

Holiday Outfit Guide-

Mija Knezevic’s Shrimps topper would be enough on its own, but her funky sock styling makes this getup even more worthy of repeating.

  • Party In Feathers

Holiday Outfit Guide-
Photo credit from: BEBE Isis Studded Feather Dress- size small

To some, holiday dressing feels incomplete without sequins, glitter, feathers, metallics, or a combination of all four. Courtney Quinn’s feathered look offers up loads of party-ready vibes without feeling like overkill.

  • Wear Sneakers Everywhere

Holiday Outfit Guide-
Photo credit from: This NYC Street Style Trend Is Tugging at Our Comfort-Conscious Hearts

Natalie Suarez understands the importance of comfortable footwear. And, she isn’t afraid to pair hers with, well, anything — and they work surprisingly well with her sequined miniskirt.

  • Mix Your Prints

Holiday Outfit Guide-
Photo credit from: 10 Easy Ways to Mix Prints in Your Everyday Outfits

Contrasting stripes and plaid, like Natalie Joos does here, is a fun (and easy) way to add character to an outfit. If you’re new to mixing prints, these classic patterns make for a great starter combo.

  • Party Like You Mean It

Holiday Outfit Guide-
Photo credit from: Solar One’s Revelry by the River

If the dress code calls for “festive cocktail attire,” then you’re going to feel pretty silly in a plain LBD. Instead, get inspired by this Parisian blogger’s red frock and polka-dot tights for a more whimsical feel.

  • Give Monochrome A Try

Holiday Outfit Guide-
Photo credit from: 45 Cute Winter Outfits to Keep you Warm and Chic

No one ever said wearing one color all over was easy. But, Carrie Harwood makes it look ridiculously effortless. Cop her style and you, too, will have a winter-white outfit that’s a breath of fresh air.

  • Keep Cozy, But Polished

Holiday Outfit Guide-
Photo credit from: Things You Can Buy From the Men’s Department that You’ll Actually Wear

The jeans-and-sweater outfit — our winter go-to — can sometimes feel a little schlepp-y. Layering a button-up underneath your knit will add instant polish. For work, swap the trainers for loafers and you’re golden.

  • Reimagine Childhood Favorites

Holiday Outfit Guide-
Photo credit from: Jesienny ogród

Overalls are a nostalgic item. But, if you style them with a faux-fur vest and ankle boots (like blogger Alena Gidenko did), you won’t feel like a kid when wearing ’em.

  • Wear Leggings In Public

Holiday Outfit Guide-
Photo credit from: Ideas how to wear leggings

NYC-based model/fashion blogger Christina Caradona is making a strong case for comfy pants on her feed, @troprouge. Her oversized-turtleneck-and-cardigan duo helps balance the black leggings.

  • Embrace The Parka

Holiday Outfit Guide-
Photo credit from: THE BLUE PARKA

Just because it’s so cold outside you can barely feel your toes doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style. Believe it or not, outerwear that’ll survive the polar vortex and preserve your fashion MO is available — as long as you know where to look.

  • Bundle Up In A Burgundy Topper

Holiday Outfit Guide-

The holidays are ALL about rich hues, so opt for a wine-colored topper to stand out in a sea of black. Taking cues from this stylishly wrapped-up New Yorker, try a textured moto style.

  • Cap It Off With A Cape

Holiday Outfit Guide-
Photo credit from: LFW DAY 4 – OUTFIT OF THE DAY

Blanket-like things aren’t just for your couch — they also come in stylish-cape form, like Eleonora Carisi’s. This burgundy number looks just as good paired with miniskirts and knee-high boots as it does with your PJs.

  • Make A Statement (With Your Coat)

Holiday Outfit Guide-
Photo credit from: Rochas belted oversized coat

We suspect Tamu McPherson’s smile has a lot to do with what she’s wearing. That blue Rochas coat could be a bright spot in your gloomy winter day.

  • Get Fancy In An LBD

Holiday Outfit Guide-

Don’t discount the LBD for holiday-party dressing: It may be simple, but its versatility knows no bounds. Paired with a printed coat and funky jewelry, it’ll feel brand-new every time.

  • Revel In Oversized Knits

Holiday Outfit Guide-
Photo credit from: Oversized Cable Knit Yellow Cardigan

Although the LBD is often saved for evenings out, Erica Lavelanet’s is pulling double-duty as a cozy, daytime option. Layered under an oversized cardigan, it’s sure to impress on the brunch circuit and at the office the following Monday.

  • Get a Fancy In A Fluted Hem

Holiday Outfit Guide-
Photo credit from: fancy sweatshirts + fluted skirts

We’d have a pep in our step, too, if we were donning Valentina Siragusa’s outfit. Between her fluted skirt, metallic-gold Tory Burch crossbody, and Stella McCartney platform oxfords, there’s a lot to love.

SOURCE: Your Holiday-Outfit-Idea Handbook


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